The M. family | jill serrano photography

I always have so much fun photographing this family. It is chaos and crazy but it is real and always a ton of laughs.

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Sarah & Sullivan | jill serrano photography | boston family photographer

Meet Sarah & Sullivan. I had so much fun with these 2 that if I didn’t have to run to a second session right after theirs I would have wanted to order a pizza for lunch and hang out with them all day! Enjoy your preview, S & S! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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The S. family | jill serrano photography

This is what I love to do. These are the sessions and moments I want to capture for every family I photograph. Real life, real love and so much fun. Thank you S. Family for being so awesome. It was great to see you again…to see how much big brother C. has grown, and to meet the new member of the family!! xo

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