Dominic | jill serrano photography | boston newborn photographer

This sweet little guy was a dream to work with. He had a nice full belly and slept the WHOLE time I was shooting. Didn’t wake up once – amazing!! G. family – enjoy your preview! He is a lucky guy to have such awesome parents and they are pretty lucky to have him, too!!

KG newborn-25 KG newborn-33 KG newborn-55 KG newborn-69 KG newborn-101 KG newborn-175 KG newborn-209 collage-1 KG newborn-239 collage-2 collage-3 KG newborn-309

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R.J. & Johnny | jill serrano photography | boston newborn photographer

How adorable are these two brothers! They made me work a bit – one was ready while the other wanted to fuss a bit and vice versa but we finally got it together enough so that we could get some shots of them snuggling with each other. H. family – enjoy your preview!

1 2 EH newborn-54 EH newborn-61 4 EH newborn-116 5 EH newborn-197 EH newborn-207 EH newborn-230 6 3 7 EH newborn-320 EH newborn-356

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Luke! | jill serrano photography | boston family and baby photographer

From the minute I met him, I wanted to take him home. He was 3 months. We met again at 6 months and at 9 months. Now he is a year old and as adorable as ever. He whistles. Like really whistles. It is the most adorable thing ever. Here is my play date with Luke. M. family – enjoy your preview!

SM 1-year-2 SM 1-year-12 SM 1-year-28 collage-2 SM 1-year-48 collage-3 collage-1 SM 1-year-67 SM 1-year-129 SM 1-year-134 SM 1-year-177 SM 1-year-198 SM 1-year-211 SM 1-year-238 SM 1-year-244

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